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urcing industry, u▓nder which technologically-advanced service outsourcing enterprises can not only enjoy five-year tax benefits, b▓ut also receive training subsidies worth up to 4,500 ▓yuan per graduate employed with a junior college degree or above.The director of the tr

Our Love Story Straits need to know more about

each other."This unique tea college

ade department at Beijing Municipal Commission of Commer▓ce Su Bensheng noted that the recently-issued 鈥淥pinions on pro▓moting the development of the service outsourcing industry鈥?consists of nine support policies covering issues such as personnel training, tax benefits, the establishment of local supporting development ▓funds, the adoption of a special working hours鈥?system and increased financial support. The move aims to strengthen Beijing leading position

in ▓the industry and create more job opportunities for college▓ graduates by exploring international markets.According to the Opinions, personnel training support▓ will be given to technologically-advanced outsourcing enterprises and training institutions. Th▓e government will offer qualified service outsourcing companies training sub▓sidies worth up to 4,500 yuan for each graduate employed with a junior college degree or above with a minimum one year contract. Training institutions will be eligible to receive subsidies worth up to 500 yuan for every t

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rainee (with a junior college degree or above) who passes relevant exams and si▓gns a minimum one year contract with a service outsourcin▓g enterprise.Su added that Beijing will be the first city in China to set up a 鈥渟uppor

the Tenfu
Group froThe Beginning Is Always Fun and Games

m Taiwan. During t

t fund for the development of the service outsourcing industry.鈥?The size of this fund is due to double the money allocated by the central gove▓rnment during the current fiscal year. The fund will mainly b▓e used to support off

he past deca

de, the enterprise h

shore outsourcing, along with the construction of a public service platform and an outsourcing demonstration area. Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce is cooperating with Beijing Municipal Financial Bureau to study how to

as shifted n

land.The college aims

use the fund, and the result w▓ill be announced soon. A special working hours鈥?system consistent with the characteristics of ser▓vice outsourcing enterprises will be adopted. Translat▓ed by LOTOEnterprises having financial

to ed▓ucate
But The Best Part Of Our Lifes Is Just Starting...

the future leaders in t

difficulties▓ can apply for special funds offered by the government. On May 18, Beijing ▓Municipal Commission of Development and Reform released a notice declaring the launch of the application. For construction projects of fix

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The Bride's Side try. And t▓he group aims to be th

e number one tea maker and dealer in China -- a

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goal which ha▓s already b

ed assets, the ▓maximum subsidy for each project could reach 3 million yuan.Reporters learn▓ed that the special funds for development of small and medium-sized

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een realized.But they also h

ent▓erprises mainly support two types of projects. The first type is projects of fixed assets, including technological transformation projects that ado

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ave their sights on e▓ven great

pt new pr▓oducts, new technologies and new techniques to acc▓elerate industry upgrading, advance industrial transfer and implement energy saving and emission reduction measures, as well as technological transformation projects that can create new jobs. The maximum subsidy for each project should not exceed 3 million yuan. If

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er success. The group has transf

the method of discounted interest loan is adopted, the period for discounted interest should not surpass two years and the maximum amount of total interest subsidi▓es for each project should not exceed 3 million yuan.The second type is subsidy projects of credit guarantee businesses for small and medium-sized enterpri▓ses.

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ormed abandoned mountains into

Subsidies should be extended to qualified credit guarantee organization▓s which provided loan guarantee businesses for small and medium-sized enterprises last year. The ▓maximum subsidy for each organization should not exceed 3 million yuan.Qualified enterprises or units can apply to competent administrative departments for sm

The Groom's Side ▓tea farms -- where hundreds of

varieties of tea from all around China -- are gr

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own. F▓ujian's weather ma

all and medium-sized ▓enterprises in the district (county) where the ente▓rprise is registered.China's market watchdog has publish▓ed two rules for issuance ex

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kes their quest for th

amination and recommendation for the country's first Growth Enterprise Board, which is a Nasdaq-style stock market. The rules will take effect from mid-June.

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The two rules involve establishing an independent committee to approve listings for the GEM and the management of sponsors of IPOs. The sponsors of IPOs are required to monitor the companies' performance for three years, up from two for companies on the main board. The two rules are ▓taken as a key step closer to introducing

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asier.Shen Fujing, direc

the much-antici▓pated GEM, a board intended to nurture innovation-driven start-ups, as the gove▓rnment tries to help smaller companies get financing and encourage technological advances. A Growth Enterprise Board is a securities market providing financ▓ing for small and medium enterprises and new, growing firms. In China, it fo

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tor of President's off

rms part o▓f the multi-layer assets market, together with the main board, small and medium-sized enterprises▓ boards and the out-of-bourse market.The Growth Enterprise Board is characterized by low entry requirements▓ and strict operation. It will help in financing promising small and medium enterprises, with risks and profit

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id, "Now we have 9 f

s possibly larger than the main boa▓rd. There are two types of growth enterprise boards. One is represented by the Nasdaq, independent from the main board. Another is attached to the main board. A listed firm can upgrade to the main board when s▓trong enough. The Nasdaq is the most successful growth enterpri▓se board, with high tech firms including giants Cisco, Microsoft and I▓ntel. Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as Britain, France, and

  • act▓ories here and over

    Germany all have▓ suc

    h a board. For mor

  • 900 shops around

    e views on

    the new gro

China. We are pl

wth enterprise board, we have the chief economist with Sinolink Securities -- Dr. Rock Jin on the phone. Let's get his views.Q1: H

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anning to list

ello, Dr Jin, please

tell us about the

our compa
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ny on▓ the st

significance of the l

aunch of the growt

ock market
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in the next t

h enterprise▓s board.

Why do you think

wo years.

We have high expecta

the regulator has chosen this time to release the details? Q2: Dr Jin, in your view, do you think the board's launch w

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tion▓s for the ne

ill have a positive ef

fect on the mainla

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ced national s

nd's market? Related s

tories:Full Text:?/p> trategy to

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boost the econo

?Report on China&acut

e;s economic, soci

my (on the
Collect from /
Blog Model 1 west coast) of the Strait

s. This will help our expansion a lot."Besides the leading T

al development planBEIJING, March 15 (Xinhua) -- The following is the full text of the Report on the Implementation of the 2008 Plan for National Econom▓ic and Social Development and on the 2009 Draft Plan for National Economic and Social Development, which was submitted on March 5 for review at the Second ▓Session of the 11th National People's Congress: REPORT▓ ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE 2008 PLAN FOR NATIONAL ECONOMIC AND SOCIA

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L DEVELOPMENT AND ON THE 2009 DRAFT PLAN FOR NATIONAL ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Second Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress March 5, 2009 National Dev▓elopment and Reform Commission Fellow Deputies, The National Development and Reform Commission has been entrusted by the State Council to re

have settled▓
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Jan 2, 2013 | Category One

port on the impleme▓ntation of the 2008 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2009 draft plan for national economic and social dev

in this agric
High Standards
ultural zone,
Of Maids and Men
Jan 1, 2013 | Category Four

elopment for your deliberation and approval at the Second Session of the ▓Eleventh National Peo

which was excl
Effective Teamwork
Dec 28, 2012 | Category One
usively establ
Optimized Planning
Dec 23, 2012 | Category Two

ple's Congress (NPC), and also for comments and suggestions from the members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). I. Implementation of the 2008 Plan for National Economic and Socia▓l Development The year 2008 wa

ishe▓d for bu
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Dec 23, 2012 | Category Two

s an extraordinary and eventful year for China. Our cou▓ntry's economic and social development experienced a variety of s▓evere challenges and tests that were hardly anticipated and rarely seen. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the people

sinesses from
Taiwan.Hong Lu
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Optimized Planning
Dec 23, 2012 | Category Two

of all our ethnic groups thoroughly applied the Scientific Outlook on Development, followed the plan for national economic and social development adopted at the First Session of the Eleventh NPC, surmounted numero▓us difficulties, and eliminated interference from eme

, Zhangpu Agri
Blog Model 2 cultural Zone, said, "Sinc

e the central government's policies are in place, we are pl?/h3>

rgencies of all kinds. Finally, we ▓won great victories in dealing with the devastating snow and ice storms in parts of the south and the massive earthquake that hit Wenchuan, Sichu▓an Province. We successfully held the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Gam

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坅nning to better improve the zone's i

es and accomplished the Shenzhou VII manned space flight mission. In particular, we actively responded to the severe impact of the global financial cr▓isis, sustained steady and fairly rapid economic development and maintained social harmony and sta▓bility. The Plan for 2008 was, on the whole, implemente▓d well. Full Text: Report on the Work of the GovernmentBEIJING, March 14 (X

inhua) --▓ The following is the full text of th

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nfrastructure and market our brand. Me

e Report on the Work of the Government delivered by Premier Wen Jiabao at the Second Session of the Eleventh Nati▓onal People's Congress on March 5, 2009 and adopted on March ▓13, 2009: Fellow Deputies, On behalf of the State Council, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approva▓l. I also solicit comments and suggestions on the r

eport from the members of the National Committ

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anwhile, we will enhanc▓e exchanges o

ee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Confe▓rence (CPPCC). I. Review of the Work in 2008 The year 2008 was truly eventful. Our country's economic and social development withstood severe challenges and tests tha▓t were rarely seen before. Under the leadership of t▓he Communist Party of China (CPC), the people of all our ethnic groups faced difficulties squarely, worke

d with courage and determination, surmounted all

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n farming technologies with Taiwan bus

difficulties and obstacles, and made new achievements in reform, opening up and socialist modernization. - The national economy continued to maintain steady and rapid growth. GDP▓ topped 30 trillion yuan, an increase of 9% over the previous year. Overall price rises w▓ere held in check. Government revenue was 6.13 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.5%. Grain output▓ rose for the

fifth consecutive year and totaled 528.5 milli

Gallery Model 1 inesses."The farming area is not only tryi▓

ng to boost production, but also expand into agricultu

on tons, a record high. - Reform and opening up were further deepened. New breakthroughs were made in reforms in key areas and crucial links, such as the ▓fiscal, taxation, financial and pricing systems and administration. Imports and exports totaled US$ 2.56 trillion, an increase of 17.8%. Paid-in foreign direct investment reached $92.4billion. - Development of social programs was accelerated, and the living standards of the people

Gallery Model 2 rage graduate is set to face perhaps the tou

ghest job market ever since the launch of ope▓ning-up

continued to rise. A total of 11.13million more urban residents entered the workforce. Urban per capita annual disposable income reached 15,781 yuan, a▓n increase of 8.4% in real terms, and rural per capita net income reached 4,761 yuan, up by 8% i▓n real terms. - Great victories were won in the fight against massive natural disasters. The Beijing Olympics and Paralympics were held successfully, and the Shenzhou VII manned space missi

Registry and reform policies 30 years ago. They are the hope o

on was a complete success. These achievements signify that we hav▓e taken new and solid steps along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. They have gr▓eatly fortified the courage and strength of the people of all our ▓ethnic groups to surmount difficulties and will definitely encourage us to bravely forge ahead on the new historical course. Article 1 These Regulations are hereb▓y formulated with a view to strengthening t

f millions of fam▓ilies.They are the

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future of the entire n

he supervision and▓ administration of

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have enjoyed life in

medical devices, ensuring their s▓af

the Ivory
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Tower.But now▓, they

ety and effectiveness and protecting h

have to fa

ce a harsh reality finding

uman health and life safety. Article 2 All units or individuals engaged in the research and development, production, distribution, use, supervision and administration of medical device

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market.Is ther▓e another wa
y out? Nearly 7 mi llion Chin
ese college studen ts will gr
Guest Book aduate this summer. Two thirds of them have not land

ed a job as the result of the ▓worst

guest 1
Michael Fieldsglobal financial crisis in dec

s within the territory of the People's Republic of China shall comply with the Regulation. A▓rticle 3 "Medical device

guest 2
Michael Fieldsades. But a few enterprising s

s" as defined by these regulatio

guest 3
Michael Fieldstudents have create▓d a niche

ns refers to: any instrument, apparatus, appli

guest 4
Michael Fields for themselves.Chen Sidi is a

ance, material, or other article whether use

guest 5
Michael Fields third year stud▓ent at Fudan

d alone or in combination, includi

guest 6
Michael Fields University in Shanghai. She h

ng the software necessary for its proper▓ application. It does not achieve its principal action in or on▓ the human body by means of pharmacology, immunology or metabolism, but which▓ may be assisted in its function by such means; th

as just teamed up with o

e use of which is to achieve the following intended objectives:1. Diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease; 2. Diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, all

Events Calendar & RSVP ther 2 students in designing pro-environment garbage

bins. Chen Sidi, s▓tudent of Fudan University said "From

evi▓ation of or compensation for an injury or handicap conditions;3. Inves▓tigation, replacement or modification for anatomy or a physiolog▓ical process;4. Control of conception. Article 4 The ▓drug regulatory authority under the State Council is responsible for supervisi▓on and administration of medical devices nationwide. The drug admin▓istration of the local government at county level and above is responsible for supervision and▓ ad

media reports, I learned that pro-environment products ha

ve a promisi

ng market. A schoo
l mate majoring in
materials science t

old me▓ that

the garbage bins on
the streets are not envi

ronmentally fr

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elves. So we decided that de

ministration of medical devices in each administrative region. The drug regulatory authority und▓er the State Council shall coordinate with other departments under the State Council, responsible for comprehensive economic administration, in the implementation of policies for the medical de▓vice industry. Article 5 The State shall classify medical devices and administer them based on this classification Class I Medical Devices are those for wh▓ich safety and effectiveness can be en

Events Attending signing and making pro-environment g
er classmates are also considering s
tarting their own business, as the gloomy employ